Supporting Revision at home

Below you will find some hints and advice as well as some resources that can be used to support revision at home for the GCSE exams.

There are 3 types of questions and ways to prepare:

1 Questions that need recall of knowledge - e.g. defining keywords, labelling diagrams. To prepare use flashcards, mini quizzes, write out the words and definitions and then cover them up and try to do it from memory.

2 Questions that need application of knowledge - e.g. using equations, explaining different theories. To prepare use questions from the revision guides and resources like bbc bitesize.

3 Questions that need Analysing and Evaluating evidence - e.g. using data to make a conclusion and comparing different theories and justifying decisions. To prepare use past and specimen papers that you can get online or from the teachers.

AQA Core Science exams

This link will open a presentation aimed at parents to give ideas on how to support students at home in the run up to the AQA Core Science Examinations.

Here you will find the parent revision pack (a zip file) given out at the parent workshop held at school that contains advice on how to support students, revision checklists, mindmaps and links to examination questions.

Here is a link to a lesson that supports students in answering the difficult 6 mark questions.

A presentation about examination technique and hints on how to gain the most marks possible!

AQA Additional Science exams

Below are some resources that parents can use with their children to help prepare for the AQA Additional Science exams:


Presentation with revision mind map answers and typical exam questions.


Keyword list

Equations and magic triangles (FT)

Presentation with revision mind maps and typical exam questions.


Presentation with revision mind maps and typical exam questions.