Teaching and learning

Accelerated Learning - Some resources from a recent inset session I led. A planning sheet to help to think about the parts of the Accelerated Learning Cycle (with a nod to @teachertoolkits 5 minute lesson planning :)) Find the Powerpoint here and a poem too!

PowerPoint Games - lots to try here, templates and complete games

skoolio.co.uk - powerpoint based resources again, useful starters and for tutor time

class dojo - a behaviour management tool that allows you to add positive and negative feedback and email information home

teaching outstanding lessons - a powerpoint I used with my department to develop consistency of approach when being observed

plenaries for outstanding progress - another powerpoint I have used as training to develop the used of outcome led lessons and plenaries to display progress

homework ideas - a prezi(!) I have written with some HW ideas that I have used and other good examples that I have stolen :) This was presented to all staff at school as part of an inset session on HW


On this page you will find links and information for teachers. Some of it is specific to science and physics but much are just things that I have found that I feel have helped my teaching and the learning of the students I teach.


Ideas for organising the delivery of the new ISAs - a powerpoint presented to teachers from around Plymouth

Example Scheme - a zip file containing a sample of a scheme of work to deliver the new ISA. This is used in Y9 to train up students so they know what to expect in year 10.


www.ktaggart.co.uk - physics powerpoints, worksheets and useful stuff

s-cool.co.uk - revision material for GCSE and A-Level

iop - teaching advanced physics. Excellent resource developed by the institute of physics

phet - animations and simulations that are really useful and interactive. most come with teacher made worksheets that can be developed for your class or used as they are.


Here is a PowerPoint giving information and links to further information about KS4 courses